Forms can be added to a note template or to a task template. They are useful if you want to see and/or edit additional entity fields when editing a note or task. Any field that exists for the note or task template's kind of entity (i.e. any fields available on person for a Person Note Template) can be added to the form for quick reference or for editing. Additionally, any fields of closely related entities can be added for viewing (and sometimes editing).

  • To add a form to a note or task template, click on the plus icon in the Forms section of the note or task template.
  • If this is the first time you are adding a form to this note or task template, click on +Create New Form to open the compose form page.

    Tip: If your basic Template is ready, but the Form is not, just remove the Form from the Template before you click Publish - after publishing, you can add the form back and continue to edit, just remember to click Save instead of Publish until the form is ready to launch!
  • When giving your form a title, use the New Form header, which will show both here and the list of unused forms for the given template.
    • The description section under New Form is useful if you want to give greater explanation of why the form is designed the way it is.
      • The form title and description will not appear anywhere in the note or task template for end Users.
    • To include a title that appears on the note template as the User sees it, use the Block and Section headers (e.g. listed as Untitled Block and Untitled Section in the compose form page).

    animated .gif showing the process of adding fields to a form and publishing it

  • Select the fields you want to add to the form and drag & drop into the appropriate block or section.
    • Create as many blocks or sections (within blocks) as you need to organize your form, just click Add Section or Add Block as needed.
    • Titling each Block/Section is not required.
      • We do recommend naming first Block or Section (see above) so there is some header information for the end User
      • Placeholder text Untitled Block is not visible to the User when creating a note or task with this template, only to the template editor (you!).
    • As with views, if you add a field you do not want on the form, just drag it to the Drop Trash Here area at the bottom of the list of fields.
    • Fields for closely related entities can be added by clicking the blue More icon with the little arrow/carot.
      • Drag and drop these fields just like any other. The data in the fields will be visible in the note or task when created using this template.
        Only fields for single select entities can be edited by your note.
  • Once you have added the fields and arranged the form to your liking, click on Publish to save this form and return to the compose note or task template page.
    • Click Discard to discard unpublished changes.
  • The form is automatically added to your note or task template.
    • To remove a form from the template, simply click the X to the right of the form name.
    • To edit the Form, click on this icon:

      image of the icon that shows a pencil on a piece of paper

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