Send an email directly to a timeline

If you have an email you want to add to Synap, but do not use an email integration or it's an email with a person you are not sharing, you can send that email message directly to one or more timelines. 

Sending an email directly to a timeline

  • Get the Synap-generated email address for the entity(ies) for which you would like to see the email in the timeline(s).
    • Use the search bar to navigate to the entity to which you want to send the email. 
    • Click on the envelope icon (1 below) near the top of the page.
    • When the address pops open, click on the copy icon (2 below) to copy the email address.
      Alternatively, you can highlight and copy the address itself.
      image showing side by side screenshots first is numbered with a 1 and shows the envelop icon, the second is numbered with a 2 and shows the address link that is revealed when one clicks on the envelope
  • Open your email program (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) to the email you want to send to Synap
  • Choose to forward the email so you can open up a To: field
  • Paste the address(es) you copied into the To: field
  • Hit the button in your email program that will send the email
  • Give the system some time to process the receipt of your email and then reload the entity's timeline and you should see the new email
  • This email can be treated like any other email - you can add Tags, Add to Note, and add Comments
  • with or without @ Mentions

Additional information

  • Only emails sent from email addresses associated with a Synap user in a given account will be accepted by Synap. 
    • This means responses from external parties to an email that includes a Synap-generated email address will not be visible in Synap.
  • Most email programs help auto-complete addresses once you've sent something to that address. Coupled with the fact that the Synap-generated email addresses (e.g. are human readable, this makes it very easy to send one-off messages to Synap for contacts you communicate with often.
  • You can also include the Synap-generated email addresses in the CC field of outbound messages. They don't need to be in the To field directly only on forwarded messages.
  • Email messages sent directly to a Synap entity's timeline will be date and time stamped as of when they were sent to Synap.
  • This is a good option for getting internal only messages into Synap, since the email integrations ignore internal-only email.
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