Synap serves up notifications within the application, via browser notifications, and via email. There are several triggers for notifications in Synap.

Users get notifications when:

  • Their full email analysis completes upon connecting their email account (via Office 365, GSuite, or Exchange Web Services).
  • A new user joins their Synap team.
  • A new contact is made.
    • Specifically, when the user emails a new address that has not yet been seen in their mailbox by Synap. These do not get triggered for new email addresses that are only inbound.
  • Activities are added to entities you’re following (e.g. that you have starred).
  • *Another user @mentions you.
  • *Another user comments on a note you authored or an email thread in which you are a participant.
  • *Another user comments on an activity you've already commented on.
  • *Another user comments on an activity that includes an entity you're following (e.g. that you have starred).
  • *Another user notifies you via the "Notify Teammates" option of an activity.

All of these events will result in the bell icon in the main navigation turning pink, and a little red dot will be added to the Synap logo in any open browser tabs. 

Additionally, Synap notifications will be delivered as browser notifications if you accepted to turn them on in the setup process. 

Some of the more urgent notifications (indicated with an asterisk (*) in the list above) also will be sent via email within 15 minutes of the notification if not yet acknowledged from the application. And the other, less urgent, and still unacknowledged notifications will be included in a daily update email. 

Note: You must have Notification Emails turned on to receive these. This can be accessed by clicking your profile badge in the main navigation > Account Settings > switch toggled to the right in the Email Notifications section.

In order to notify a teammate about an activity, simply type an @ and their name (ex: @linds…) in a note or a comment. As you start typing after the symbol, you will see that the users who match your query will be displayed for you to choose.

Additional Information

Why did I receive two notifications for the same comment? 
If a user comments on a note for which you are the author or on an email thread in which you are a participant and also mentions you or notifies you, you will receive two notifications for that action.

My teammate mentioned me on an activity, but I did not receive an email 15 minutes after even though I did not acknowledge the notification in the app. What is wrong?
It is likely you have your Notification Emails setting set to off. To change this, click on your profile badge (either your avatar or initials) in the main navigation and be sure the switch in the "Notification Emails" section is flipped on (e.g. to the right).

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