Linking contacts

Even with a contact database that's built from the actual people you trade emails with, occasionally you may encounter duplicate person or organization records. Usually this is due to a person having multiple email addresses or a company having more than one domain. In these cases you may want to merge these multiple records to represent that they are, in fact, one single person or organization. Synap has a feature called "Linking" to address this situation. This function is different from merging in that it allows you to link multiple records together; and also allows you to later unlink them, if needed. No data is removed. You are simply choosing which identity to be shown as the primary. The other duplicate contacts are simply tucked underneath the primary.

How to link contacts

To link multiple records that represent the same organization or person, first navigate to the record you would like to be the primary. This is usually the record with the most data or the preferred email or domain for the contact. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Click/tap the gear icon for the contact
  2. Choose the Link... option from that menu
  3. When the system thinks it has detected a duplicate (or multiple) record, it will list it as a suggestion to link. If this is the case, simply click the Link link next to that other record. 
    1. If the system has not detected the duplicate record, click the Search link and type in the name of the other organization or person and select it from the list, which will link it to the record you're on.
  4. Click/tap on the name of the contact from the path at the top of the page to return to the remaining record.

Note: Sometimes it can take a few minutes for all of the search indices to be updated to reflect that there is now only one record. So, don't panic if you still see more than one record in the search results or in a report for a few minutes.

How to update the primary contact or unlink contacts

If need be, you can always unlink the records later or make another linked record the primary contact by clicking on the gear icon and choosing Link... again, and then selecting Make Primary or Unlink

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