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In addition to the standard contact fields, like name and address, you find in Synap, you can create custom fields to track any other important information about your contacts (i.e. people and organizations), funds, or other key kinds of entities. From tracking the key contacts at an organization to the type of user of a person, you have great options for tracking what is important to you.


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Reordering fields

Types of fields

One field type does not fit all, so we have a few options for you to choose from.

Text For the most versatile input, choose this field type. Choosing “text” allows for a single line or multiple line option depending on how much text you plan to keep in the field.
Number Need to track the number of system users at an organization? Or how about the ARR or contract value of a client? Or the date an organization became a client? This field type is great for when you want to ensure the values entered are numerical.

Users can choose whether the value should be a currency value, a date value, or a simple number value.
List List fields are for when you have a set list of options to choose from. Things like “Contact Type” where the list options are client, prospect, or vendor.

The list field can be set to only allow one option to be selected (single select) or more than one option to be selected (multiple select).

The field can also be set to specifically represent stages in a process, which adds a percentage and open/closed status attribute to each list item.
Entity  Use this field when you want to be able to indicate another contact or other entity in Synap, such as “Key contact” or “Account Manager.”

If you choose this field type, you have the option to restrict the options to one or more of the available kinds of entities (e.g. people, organizations, funds, opportunities, etc).

You also have the option to select multiple entities for the field or restrict the field to select only one.

How to add a custom field

Administrators can add custom fields easily.

  1. Click/tap Configure (the gear icon in the left navigation bar).
  2. Click/tap Edit in the Fields section. This will give you a list of all the existing fields in the system across all entities, both system generated fields and any custom fields.
    1. You can explore the existing fields by using the search and filter options at the top of the list.
    2. To get more information about a field, such as when it was first created or last modified and by whom or where the field appears, choose VIEW.
    3. As a good practice, do a quick scan to ensure you are not adding redundant fields. To do this, you can use the search and also try filtering the Types filter to see all the available fields on the entity type you would like to update (e.g. organization).
  3. Click/tap Add Field.
  4. This launches the custom field editor, where you give the field a Label (i.e. a name) and a Description; and where you choose on which entities you would like the field to appear (e.g. Person, Organization, Fund, etc), and finally what Type you would like the field to be (see above list).
  5. Once you’ve configured the new field as desired, click/tap Done.
    1. The field will then show up on the main edit page for the selected “Appears on” entities. To also add the field to a View, follow these instructions.
    2. Note that you can also access the Manage Fields page from the View composition page.

How to reorder custom fields

For ordering and grouping options, use custom views.

How to edit a custom field

If you need to update the label (i.e. name) of a field, add a list option, or adjust on which entities the field is available, it’s also easy to make those changes. As an administrator:

  1. Click/tap Configure (main gear icon).
  2. Click/tap Edit in the Fields section.
  3. Click/tap VIEW next to the name of the custom field you wish to edit and then choose Edit.
    1. Note: Some (system generated) fields are not editable. Those will be indicated by the Edit button being grayed out with a padlock icon.
  4. Update the field as desired (e.g. change the label name, add a new list option, etc) and click/tap Done.

How to delete a custom field

If you no longer need or want a custom field, no problem. As an administrator:

  1. Click/tap Configure (main gear icon).
  2. Click/tap Edit in the Fields section.
  3. Click/tap VIEW next to the name of the custom field you wish to edit and then choose Edit.
    1. As a good practice, check to see if the field has values (indicated as the number in parentheses next to each entity is appears on) and whether it is included in any Views or Reports. Adjust (or notify users with reports) as needed.
  4. While in edit mode, scroll to the bottom and click/tap Delete in the bottom right.
    1. Note: Some (system generated) fields are not deletable. Most of them will be indicated by the Edit button being grayed out with a padlock icon. Some simply will not include the Delete option.
  5. Click/tap OK in the dialog box that pops up confirming you wish to delete the field.

Note: Once a field has been deleted, the user cannot bring it back. If there were saved reports or views that included that field, they will be marked with a WARNING label and will indicate which filters or columns include the deleted field(s), so they can be updated accordingly.

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