Filtering activity timelines

Throughout Synap, you'll see activity timelines or feeds: there's the main timeline that's found on the home page and there are timelines specific to organizations and people on their respective pages. Sometimes seeing all activity is great, but other times it's more helpful to narrow it down to the communications that are most relevant to you and your role. That's what activity filters do. 

Filtering by starred entities

Reading through the main timeline can be a lot like drinking from a firehose. While it's nice to get an idea of the full breadth of your organization's communications, sometimes you really want to be able to quickly see what's going on with only the contacts or other entities you care about the most. As long as you've starred those entities, you can do that easily by toggling the star filter to on (see above; the star will turn yellow when it's flipped to the right). This will remove any activity that is not associated with any of your starred entities, giving you more of a highlights reel with a flip of the switch.

Filtering by Activity Type

Another way to filter down the activity feed is by type. Want to remove email and help desk incidents from the feed to see only notes and documents? Simply uncheck those options from the filter and they'll be removed (see above).

Filtering by Tag

Tags are used to categorize your activity into groupings that are meaningful to your business. When used diligently, you may want to consider simply unchecking "Untagged" activity to filter out those that have not been categorized (see above). See some additional examples above or learn more about tags here.

Filtering by Teammate

One of the benefits of Synap is getting the full picture of your organization's collective communications with your customers. That said, occasionally, you may not want to see activity from certain people. For example, you may not want to see your sales team's activity or you may want to only see your finance team's communications. Simply uncheck the teammate(s) you want to filter out (see above). If there are teammates who have been disabled, there will be a separate section below for them.

Additional information

  • The star filter is only available on the main feed on the home page. 
  • Filters are set for each page independently. In other words, you can choose to filter out a teammate for one organization's feed and not another's.
  • Filter selections will be retained until you change them.
  • Filters are unique per user; the selections you may will not affect your teammates' views.
  • When the funnel icon on the filter button and/or the start switch is shaded yellow, that indicates that a feed's filters have been adjusted.
    • If you don't see something you expect to see in a feed, check the filters and select "All" in each section to turn off any filtering.

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