Freshdesk Integration

Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk and customer support software that lets you support customers through traditional channels, as well as via social media. With the Freshdesk integration in Synap, you can import your help desk tickets and the associated people and organizations, so that you can view the tickets along with emails to customers from you and your team, all in one unified feed.

In order to activate this integration, you will need your Freshdesk API key. Instructions on how to find your Freshdesk API key can be found here: Outside of that, setup is simple and does not require any developer attention.

Setup Instructions

  1. Log into your Synap account and click/tap Configure in the navigation menu to access your Configuration page.
  2. Click/tap the Edit button in the Integrations section.
  3. Look for the Freshdesk section on the Integrations page and use the Add button to connect your Freshdesk account to Synap.
  4. Enter your Freshdesk subdomain (usually your company domain) and your Freshdesk API key. Instructions on how to find your Freshdesk API key can be found here:  
  5. Finally, you'll be asked to allow Synap to access your Freshdesk account. Simply click Allow and you're all set!

Additional Information

Do all Synap users need Freshdesk user credentials to access Freshdesk information in Synap? 
Nope. Just one user needs to authenticate. Even your teammates who may not have access to Freshdesk will see the information from Freshdesk in Synap, giving everyone the benefit of the unified view of your customer communications.

When the status of a ticket gets updated in Freshdesk, is it updated in Synap? 
Yes, updates in Freshdesk regarding the status of the help desk incident send a webhook to Synap, where the updated information will be displayed.

We have multiple Freshdesk accounts for different products. Is that supported in Synap? 
Yes, Synap supports multiple Freshdesk integrations. Tickets from each of the Freshdesk accounts will all roll up into one unified feed, so that you're able to see the complete story of your customers.

How do I remove my Freshdesk integration?
You can submit a support request for this by clicking on the Help menu in the bottom left and then clicking Send a Message. In the message, please let us know which integration you would like disconnected.

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