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Not seeing something I expect to see

Why can't I find this contact I know I've emailed with? I'm searching for them in the main search bar and they're not showing up in the results.
When this happens, it's usually because the contact hasn't been shared, yet. If no one in your Synap account has toggled the sharing button to Share and you don't have any other integrations set up that would have imported the contact, the contact won't show up in the main search bar. To check this: 

  1. Click on the Profile menu and then click Edit in the Email Sharing section
  2. Click Search to look for the person or organization on this page
  3. When you find them, ensure they are toggled to Sharing

There's an email I know I sent that I do not see in Synap. Where is it?
There could be a few different reasons for this. Go through the below steps to see if 

  1. First, check to make sure your email sharing is turned on for the person or people involved in the email you're looking for (see above steps). 
  2. If you are set to share your email for the person/people, check to make sure the email was sent from your work email and not your personal email. Since many email providers allow you to be logged into more than one account at a time, it's possible to mistakenly send email from the "wrong" account.
  3. If you've confirmed that you sent the email from your work account that is associated with Synap, it's possible the message was removed from Synap or that there was a problem importing it. In order for us to further investigate, we will need the Message ID. To find the Message ID:  
    1. Click into the message from within your email client (i.e. Gmail or Outlook) and open the menu to the right of the Reply button in the top right of the message. 
    2. From Gmail: Choose Show original from this menu. From Outlook: Choose View message details from this menu.
    3. Find the Message ID (e.g. Message-ID: <>).
    4. Once you've found the Message ID, send it to us along with the date of the message using Send a Message from the Help menu in the application or by simply emailing


Why do some of my contacts show as only an email address (person) or only a domain (organization)?
Synap uses a data provider to fill in most contact information, such as full names, photos (logos or avatars), addresses, etc. based on publicly available information associated with the email addresses and domains you communicate with. Occasionally, that information cannot be sourced automatically. In these cases, Synap will use the raw email address and/or domain name as the name for that person or organization. This can be manually edited by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the contact name and selecting Edit. The only thing that cannot be edited for a person is the email address and the domain for an organization, as this is the unique identifier for the contact.

When I click into an empty field to edit, the cursor disappears and I can't make any edits. What's going on?
This happens sometimes when using the Safari browser with the AutoFill feature enabled. To work around this, you can turn off the browser's AutoFill feature. Click Safari to open the main menu and then choose Preferences. Click into the AutoFill section and deselect all of the checkboxes. Exit out of the preferences and you should be able to edit the fields.


Why do I see wacky numbers sometimes on organization Sharing buttons (e.g. Sharing 15/10)?
If the organization includes another linked organization and you’ve emailed with people at both domains, you can end up with a situation where the numerator is greater than the denominator, because the denominator only counts the number of people you’ve emailed within the primary organization domain. The numerator counts the number of people you’ve shared from within either domain.

Why are the number of contacts listed on the Sharing button for a certain organization different than those listed for my teammate?
The numbers shown reflect the number of people with whom you have traded emails within that organization’s domain, which may differ from the number of people your teammates have emailed within that same organization’s domain.


I got a “New Contact” notification for someone, but it looks like I’m already sharing them. Why is that?
If you have the AutoShare option turned on for an organization, you will still get a New Contact notification for anyone new at that organization you start trading emails with, but their Share button will already be “turned on.” This is handy as a reminder that you now have shared emails due to your AutoShare settings.

Why am I getting multiple desktop notifications for the same item?
If you have multiple tabs open in your browser with Synap, sometimes you'll receive multiple desktop or browser notifications. We have tried to keep this from happening, though, so please let us know if you are experiencing this. Just click on the question mark icon in the top right and click the "Send a Message" button to send us a quick note. Thank you!

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