What is AutoShare and why would I use it?

AutoShare is an optional feature and may not be available for all accounts. If you do not see what is shown in the below images, you do not have the feature. 

screenshot of arrow pointing at autoshare on page

Fig. 1 AutoShare indicator in header of organization page

screenshot of arrow pointing at autoshare on email sharing page

Fig. 2 AutoShare indicator on Email Sharing page

When available, AutoShare allows you to choose to automatically share all email between you and anyone with an email address within a particular domain going forward. This saves you from having to remember to share for each new person you start working with at a given organization. This is particularly helpful for relationships where your point of contact may change frequently. In most cases, if it's a client you work with frequently, you will probably want to toggle AutoShare on. This feature can be found on an organization's record.

To toggle AutoShare on or off, use the search bar to navigate to the organization for which you'd like to adjust these settings. Then click on the "Sharing" button under the organization name (Fig. 1 above). Click the "AutoShare" button to turn AutoShare on or off (Fig. 2 above). If the button is blue, it's on and if it's white, it is turned off.

IMPORTANT: If you already see contacts listed on this "Email Sharing Settings" page who you have NOT opted to share, turning on AutoShare will NOT share emails for those contacts. It will only automatically share your email conversations with NEW people at that organization.

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