Inviting more users

Synap works best when  all client-facing team members share their communications. Why not invite your team members to join?  

Any user with Admin or Owner access can add new users. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Click on the Configure icon in the main navigation bar (left on desktop, bottom on mobile) 
  2. Click Edit in the Manage Team section 
  3. Click the Add button at the top of the page 
  4. Check the box next to the colleagues you'd like to invite (or, if you don't see them listed, enter their email address and click Add)
  5. Once you've selected one or more teammates to invite, click Send Invitations

If you are not an Admin or an Owner, you can see from the Manage Team page who is and email them to either ask them to grant you Admin or Owner access or to invite your other coworkers. 

Additional information

Do invitations expire after a certain point?
Yes. Invitations are good for seven (7) days. After that point, an Admin or Owner would need to send a new invitation.

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